Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Various Ways To Withdraw From PayPal In Kenya

So now that you’ve made those dollars, how do you turn them into shillings and pay bills, go shopping and relax with friends? There are number of ways you can use to get your Kenyan PayPal funds right into your mobile wallet or Bank account. Read on.

1.Use Equity PayPal Withdrawal Service

Finally Kenyan freelancers have a way to channel their earnings  directly to their bank accounts. Been around for over 2 years now and is my personal favorite . Here is a quick link https://epal.equitybankgroup.com/.

  • The process of withdrawing from PayPal to your Equity Bank account is pretty straight straightforward . The steps are few and you should be done within a few minutes .
  • Probably the main pro with this option is that you are always guaranteed that your funds will be delivered . You will never lose even a single coin.
  • You could also qualify for loans to boost your career as a freelancer or invest elsewhere. This wasn’t very possible in the past .
  • When you use the service, you get to enjoy the best exchange rate on the market . Currently (01-06-2015) a dollar is selling at 94.60 Kshs which is way higher than what other options offer .
  • The commission charged is also very low so you get most of your hard earned money.

  • You need to have an Equity Bank account to enjoy the service.
  • You will have to wait anywhere between 5 and 8 days for the funds to appear in your account . This can be a bit inconveniencing if you need the bucks urgently .

2.Use 3rd Party

 These are individuals and firms that offer mainly offer PayPal to M-pesa withdrawal services. There are a handful of them which possibly lays a ground for cons .Examples include e-pay Kenya , CrowdSource and GetMyMulla(http://www.getmymulla.com/ . I have used his services numerous times and can recommend him) .
  • You can get your cash real quick, usually within minutes . Best option if you have an emergency .
  • Commissions are often very high and you might have to part with up to 10% of your earnings as commission charges This means you get less at the end .
  • There are cons who are out there to reap where they didn't sow . You need to be very careful before transacting with anybody and make sure to read reviews about them .
The trick is to choose the solution that suits your needs. Above all, one that ensures your funds reach you . You don't need to lose money!

Happy Freelancing Guys!