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How To Create Invoice With MS Excel
If you’re planning to start offering credit to your loyal clients, then
you know you need to familiarize yourself with the invoice generation
 process. An invoice is basically a bill to a customer that lists the 
amount due together with a breakdown of all the items purchased.
Thankfully, the process of preparing one is not as daunting as it seems. 
Here’s a guide on how to create an invoice template using Microsoft Excel.

1. Start by loading Microsoft Excel (from all programs or depending on the 
Windows version you’re using). Now click "File" and then "New" to open
 the "Blank Workbook" dialog box.
2. Once you open the dialog box, the next step is to locate the "Microsoft 
Office Online" section or similarly named. Simply scroll down to the 
left-hand side of the box to locate the section and then click "Invoices"
 to see a range of invoices you can use. Remember you need to be
 connected to the Internet.
3. Sort through the various invoices available and choose what seems
 suited to your needs. There are basic product invoices while you can 
also find different forms for certain types of services. Select one and 
click "Download" so that it’s displayed in the Excel spreadsheet file.
4. The fourth step in creating an invoice template in Microsoft Excel
 is to fill out all fields in the new invoice that require a custom entry. 
This may include but is not limited to your company name, address
 and logo, payment terms and the exact payee name to receive payments.
5. You can now save the template to a folder of your choice on your
 computer by clicking "File" and then "Save”. To make things easier,
 you may consider naming the template by client. You can then fill out 
details in the invoice template such as a brief description of the items
 you delivered, invoice number, due date and so on, and then send to
 the respective client.

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