Monday, May 25, 2015

Top Sites Like Fiverr Where You Bid And Work

Today, you can earn income from the comfort of your home by freelancing. Apart from content mills and academic writing sites, there are several sites where you can bid for projects ( called micro jobs) and get paid . Like is the case with other niches , consistency and quality is key to succeed with these sites. They include:

Sign up, set up your profile and get paid $5 for every gig. Depending on your profession, you can bid for web designs, programming, essay and article writing jobs.
99designs is a top bidding project for graphic design. After filling your portfolio, you get access to graphic works and get paid.
One of my favorites and is pretty similar to fiverr. Here gigs range from as low as $4 to as high as $100.
Here the range is between $5 to $50 for a gig. Like most other sites , it's absolutely free to join gigbucks and start making bucks!
Fourerr hosts $4 gigs. Definitely worth a try.
Get paid $10 for every completed gig . TenBux is very simple to use.
7.Other popular sites you can try out:

  • Elance 
  • Upwork (formerly Odesk)
  • Freelance.
  • Freelancer. 
  • Peopleperhour.
  • Taskarmy, 
  • Seoclerks.

There's no limit to how much money you can make with these sites . Simply create an account, fill the portfolio and other necessary details. There are often many jobs available to bid.

Happy freelancing!

10 Hottest Jobs In Kenya This Monday {25-05-2015}

Sunday, May 24, 2015

10 Hottest Jobs In Kenya Today

Top 10 Article Writing Sites That Accept Kenyan Writers

Been trying to make money writing articles in Kenya but getting frustrated?  Or probably you’ve been trying to sign up with some websites but getting that “painful” rejection or endless wait? Well, this is the right place for your solution. Below are some of the best article writing sites that accept international writers like you and I. 

1. IWriter: Probably the easiest site to sign up and start earning almost immediately. I made my first dollar here.
2. You’ll be required to provide a writing sample when applying. It specializes in content writing, proofreading and translation.
3. It’s created for professional freelancers. You are paid upfront for unique articles. 
4. They provide an assessment test after signup.
5. Here you can use your Facebook to login or use a simple signup. Then you will be required to specify your skills.
6. Easy sign up and they pay via  PayPal for every 300-500 word post made.
7. A marketplace where you can list your unique articles and sell them to other people looking for content for their sites.
8. Allows Facebook sign in or a simple sign up then start publishing and earning for your content
9. It’s a marketplace for unique content, similar to article sale.
10. You can sign up or login with Facebook or Google plus, set a gig and sell for $5. 

Start making now money in Kenya with the best article writing site that accepts international writers.

What Do I Need To Start Working As A Freelance Writer In Kenya?

This is probably the first question that many people interested in venturing into the world of freelance writing ask themselves. Do I need to have attained certain level skills? Do I need to undergo some training before I start? Well, here is a simple guide to help you get started.

1. Decide on which field you want to specialize in

There are two popular freelance writing fields in Kenya; Academic writing and Article writing . As you'd expect , each of them have different requirements and it's usually wise to choose what you have a passion for and can comfortably handle. We shall later look in details the various requirements for the mentioned fields.

2.Have the required equipment

To work as a freelance writer in Kenya , you'll need to have a computer ( Desktop or Laptop , whatever suits you ) and a reliable internet connection .

3.Be available

Freelance writing offers a lot of flexibility . You can plan out your schedule and choose to work during the hours/time you're comfortable. Be sure to dedicate some good amount of time during the day or night , or both , to work. That way, you can handle lots of projects , make top dollar and attend to revisions if any .

4.Love It

The majority of successful freelance writers in Kenya love what they do . They're not just there for the bucks! Likewise, you should learn to love the art of writing . Treat it as your own office job and always give it your best shot!

Happy writing people!!