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11 Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father’s Day offers a good opportunity to connect with dads and appreciate them. Many people mark the day by giving cards, but a unique gift can bring out the message more clearly and leave the receiver happy.  It only requires some homework and determination to find the right item. Here’s a guide about various gift ideas for Father's day in 2015.

1. Bluetooth speaker
There are a range of powerful yet affordable Bluetooth speakers on the market. The rugged JBL Charge 2+ is one such and is splash-roof, a feature that makes it ideal for multiple uses. It has excellent bass compared to similar options and up to 12 hours battery.

2. Classic sunglasses
A pair of classic glasses can be a unique and useful gift. It not only remains in style but also works for everyone including an avid outdoorsman and film enthusiastic. There are a variety of styles to choose from.
3. HuMn Wallet
Traditional wallets are gradually become obsolete and more and more people are turning to money clips or card holders to carry spare cash. However, advancements in technology mean that cards and personal information aren’t very safe. A HuMn Wallet provides convenience while ensuring that important information is safe. It’s also light and flexible. This is the perfect gift for father’s day.

4. Apple watch
For tech lovers, an apple watch can make the perfect gift for father’s day. The current generation of the Apple watch comes with modifications over the previous generation and can easily link up with an iPhone to provide messaging , email, Siri access and on-wrist notifications . There also thousands of apps available including games and productivity apps.

5. Portable BBQ Grill
This portable grill is designed like a briefcase and comes with a stainless steel design, compact grill and charcoal pit. It’s easy to carry and can be ideal for picnics .Dads who have relatively small backyards or patios can also find it useful.

6. Cold Bruer
This coffee brewer makes the brewing process easy and enables one to enjoy the full benefits of cold brew coffee. The end product is less acidic and bitter than the hot brewed one and can be easily taken with milk.

7. Orbital Jigsaw
 This is an ideal gift for fathers who love any type of DIY home improvement projects. It can make accurate corner cuts among others.

8. Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne
Solid cologne can be a good upgrade on an old standby and makes one smell as good as liquid options. It’s portable and suits a range of occasions.

9. Mainsail Navy Tie
A relatively inexpensive gift that would be a welcome gift for those who really like ties. Mainsail Navy Tie is one of the handmade products from Tie Bar and gives one a preppy flair.

10. Board shorts
The best gift for dads who have an interest in water sports but are style-conscious. The France-born brand is designed to combine fashion and function. Not many options offer this.

11. Nike+System
An exercise tech gift like Nike+ Heart Rate Monitor can improve workout and even push one to stick to their routines. This device picks up heart signals and transfers the data to Nike’s online system.

4 Ways To Create Evergreen Residual Income Blog    

Looking to create a money generating blog? While many people start blogs to share their own expertise and opinions on something, there are a handful of business-minded folks out there who’ve found a way (s) to use them to bring in extra cash too. Some actually make thousands of dollars every month! Well, the amount of money you make will obviously depend on several factors such as available opportunities and your audience, but there’s no reason why you can’t make it. Here are various ways to create a successful residual income blog.

1. Choose a good topic
Before anything else, you need to come up with a topic and niche you’ll be blogging about. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of things to blog out, but you need to be very keen when selecting. You should ideally go for a niche you’re passionate about or have an interest in .Ask yourself some of these questions; Who am I targeting? What is the level of competition? Is the topic/niche sustainable? At the same time, be sure keep the blog focused on a single topic or a few tightly related topics. You don’t want to confuse the search engines and your readers by talking about many different things.

2. Decide on blog title/domain name
Your blog title and domain name are some of the first things that your audience interact with. Apart from giving them an idea of what to expect from the blog, your domain name helps place the blog in Internet searches, which is obviously vital for generating traffic (and profit!).  As a rule of thumb, your title of choice should fit your blog’s identity.  For instance, you will want to choose a “corporate-sounding title” if you want to establish yourself as an authority on a particular business topic. You can go for an informal name if you’re running some celebrity gossip blog. Choosing the right extension is also very important as it can influence the amount of traffic you’ll be getting.

3. Write great posts

Another way to create a successful residual income blog is to create interesting posts that people actually want to read. A good blog not only speaks honestly but also openly about the topic you're passionate about. Try to make your posts personal .Believe it or not, most readers want to feel as though they are having a direct conversation with you, the blogger, when interacting with your content. You should also center your posts on your readers and look to address a problem or issue, answer a question or tell a story. In addition, remain professional even if you want to blog about your personal life. Avoid any proofreading errors and ugly designs.

4. Don’t ignore social media

These days, anyone who is not on social media is missing out on huge opportunities. For bloggers, it would mean missing out on readership. So, integrate your blog with your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest and other major social sites. For instance, post links to your latest posts on your Twitter bio. You can also link your articles to your Facebook page. However, avoid replicating the same content. Do your best to post fresh content that grabs the attention of your audience and drives them to your blog.