Sunday, May 24, 2015

What Do I Need To Start Working As A Freelance Writer In Kenya?

This is probably the first question that many people interested in venturing into the world of freelance writing ask themselves. Do I need to have attained certain level skills? Do I need to undergo some training before I start? Well, here is a simple guide to help you get started.

1. Decide on which field you want to specialize in

There are two popular freelance writing fields in Kenya; Academic writing and Article writing . As you'd expect , each of them have different requirements and it's usually wise to choose what you have a passion for and can comfortably handle. We shall later look in details the various requirements for the mentioned fields.

2.Have the required equipment

To work as a freelance writer in Kenya , you'll need to have a computer ( Desktop or Laptop , whatever suits you ) and a reliable internet connection .

3.Be available

Freelance writing offers a lot of flexibility . You can plan out your schedule and choose to work during the hours/time you're comfortable. Be sure to dedicate some good amount of time during the day or night , or both , to work. That way, you can handle lots of projects , make top dollar and attend to revisions if any .

4.Love It

The majority of successful freelance writers in Kenya love what they do . They're not just there for the bucks! Likewise, you should learn to love the art of writing . Treat it as your own office job and always give it your best shot!

Happy writing people!!